Big Influencer Budgets are a tax you pay for not finding your ambassadors

Here is something uncomfortable but true: most influencer marketing doesn’t work. It’s become too transactional, too expensive, too much about chasing a paycheck then about building a partnership, but just because something is broken doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. 

Over the last few years we discovered some immutable truths:  that the future was in building ambassador programs and working with influencers who had real, tangible love for a brand. That finding brand advocates and turning them into ambassadors created incredible value that was outsized to that individual’s follower count.

Ambassador marketing is the future of influencer marketing and our new product AMP (Ambassador Management Platform) is the tool to power it. It’s a career page for the new decade, a way to find, organize and activate your biggest fans and turn them into an ambassador army.

What can I do with AMP? 

The Modern Career Page

Every brand has a careers page for applicants to apply for jobs and every brand SHOULD have an ambassadors page for influencers, advocates and customers to do the same. Don’t have one? We will build it for you. 

Want to Collab?

How many messages does your brand get a day from people looking to work with you? Whether it’s a couple or a couple hundred AMP creates a centralized place to push inbound requests. 

Burn your spreadsheets

Once ambassadors start onboarding, finding them is magic. Filter by location, age or dozens of other options, search all their content (and stories) or put them in groups. It makes your shared spreadsheets feel like some quaint antique. 

AMP as a module is $300 per month. Additionally, brands can purchase a full subscription for $15K per annum, giving you access to our entire directory of influencers – plus Briefs, Bulletin and Reporting.

Are the Influencers on board?

of influencers said they had to be passionate about a brand in order for the collaboration to be successful. A classic win-win for you and your ambassador.

Starts building your ambassador army today.

Influencer marketing is what you are forced to do when you don’t have enough ambassadors. Get started today.

We are a group of totally excellent people who changed the game of influencer marketing in 2012 and have been trying to disrupt and make it better ever since. We combine technology and analytics to create tools for brands and influencers alike, and execute exceptional campaigns from time to time. 

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